TEL AVIV 2019 ■ From Emotions To Winning

When you realize that working in a team is a bit of a difficulty for you and that, even with great hobbies like Eurovision, you are being ousted or you ‘oust’ yourself for the sake of peace and tranquillity, you get this dreadful feeling inside your stomach. As a kid I would have normally broke out in tears. And I tell you, I was a very sensitive boy, hence I cried a lot. So many other people with similar interests to mine, both hobby-wise as well as sexually, know that bullying only facilitated those wet eyes more.  ■ By: Gert Waterink

Today though, being a bit older and wiser, it feels like someone is cutting out my intestines. Like you can not express yourself properly anymore, at least not like a kid. The emotions stay inside more and you feel three times more heavy. You want to turn back time and in desperation you come up with last-minute solutions to actually reinstate the past as your own new reality that has to become present again!. It’s called sadness. Sad because you have to dig it, deal with it. And perhaps in a later moment melancholy is waiting around the corner. Hence I am writing this.

The difficulty with emotions

Emotions are the most difficult things to write about. They are never clear-cut, never black-and-white and come in all sorts of colour gradations. You can explain your predicament with the most nuanced vocabulary available to you, and still you can feel disappointed because you feel that your colleague, friend, brother or acquaintance doesn’t understand your feelings.

Sadness? Melancholy?

Sadness? Melancholy?

Luckily, there comes a time you really have dealt with it. The time has come to move on, find happiness again. Finding joy and pleasure in all the things you still have; a well-paid job, the wonderful Barcelona sun and all the passion you feel for that hobby that only once a year during a few days in May becomes a bit better than sex (well, at least for me). That feeling of excitement and joy was actually the prime reason I decided to write this peace. Eurovision to me is like a giant prism of emotions, where the best or the most pure and sincere emotions are being represented by a few of those Eurovision songs.

It ’ticks’ not boxes, it ‘ticks’ your emotions!

For the most part, during those three minutes on stage, a Eurovision entry connects with you through various means of communications ánd organs! From your LED-tv into your wonderful eyes, or via your Dolby Atmos home cinema set straight into your ears. We talk about which total package ‘ticks’ the most boxes. But in the end we are basically asking ourselves which entry ‘ticks’ your emotions. That’s what Eurovision is about. A song and its performer have to draw you into that tv set, off course with help of a good melody, nice voice, wonderful LED-staging.

Respectful joy? Happiness?

Message without words

But sometimes that bit of ‘magic’ is there to ‘shoot’ you with the ‘bazooka of emotions’. Everything comes together. Last year Netta made us all go crazy. Her eye-crossing weirdo faces combined with lots of charisma made many Europeans stand up to pick up the phone. The emotions of pure craziness, sincere fun and extatic happiness grabbed us tightly, and we could not do nothing else than to let Israel become the winner of Eurovision 2018.

Craziness? Ecstatic?

Music is therefore one of the most captivating and ingenious phenomena that triggers emotions. We actually don’t really listen in great detail to the lyrics (Do you?). Nor do I believe that a singer’s backstory or history is the prime reason we connect with it. It are those 3 rare minutes of emotional messaging with a bouquet of instruments that eventually captivate us. Last year it was Netta. The year before it was the unique melancholy and interaction between flashes of sadness and happiness that Salvador Sobral conveyed so perfectly on the big stage.

Sweden or The Netherlands

This year, a few of those entries will also ‘taser’ us with emotions. And from song to song, from entry to entry, the emotions they convey are all so different from each other. But more importantly, the one entry that will ‘taser’ us best next week, regardless of the type of emotion, will win. My gut feeling, my oversensitive brain, that already wrote this way-too-long piece, tells me that Sweden and The Netherlands will twist and turn our emotions best, and for all such different reasons. Will the respectful joy, happiness and heartfelt ‘love’ from Sweden infect you with this nasty ‘virus’ called ‘Emotions’? Or will the relatable melancholy and sadness from an impossible love story draw you to your cell phone?

Anger? Desperation?

Plentiful emotions have caught us through the years, from the anger from ‘1944’ to the purest ‘Euphoria’-emotion, there are so many examples that were successful. And the variety in style of these previous winners shows that everything is possible! Let’s be patient and calm down that excitement a bit (Netta…Go…Away!!). But not before I say Austria was truly captivating today (And there is Mr Crybaby again!).

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