ROTTERDAM 2020 ■ It’s the song, always!

There are moments when I still can not fully fathom the victory of Duncan Laurence. We have already arrived in a new year, that coincidentally has the most perfectly sounding number since ‘2000’, but The Netherlands’ 5th Eurovision victory seems only yesterday. And make no mistake, winning a Eurovision Song Contest with around 40 participating countries statistically is a more precarious affair than it was some 17 years ago when there were only 23 to 26 participating countries (The treacherous Big 5 excluded off course). By: Gert Waterink

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TEL AVIV 2019 ■ Eurovision Afterthoughts from a Dutchman

So, the Grand Final of the 64th Eurovision Song Contest is now already 1,5 weeks behind us! For a Dutch Eurovision aficionado like me PED (Post Eurovision Depression) still needs to kick in. Because let’s face it, watching your nation win the contest a 5th time is something special. It has always been one of my biggest wishes, a bucket list so to say. And only now, as I write these after-thoughts, I start to realize how incredibly wonderful winning actually is. The Netherlands had its severe ups and downs, of which the period 2000 – 2012 for Dutch Eurovision fans could still be perceived as a punishment with Biblical proportions. By: Gert Waterink

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TEL AVIV 2019 ■ Duncan’s first set of rehearsals

Not being present in the frantic press bubble has got its advantages. You are getting slightly less OGAE-esque convulsions if your win-or-die-expectations after the first set of rehearsals are not met. Remember the first rehearsals from Netta last year? Or the not-present Salvador? After having seen some first impressions, betting write-ups, a short clip here and there containing Duncan’s impressive vocals, I tend to think a bit different. ■ By: Gert Waterink

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TEL AVIV 2019 ■ From Emotions To Winning

When you realize that working in a team is a bit of a difficulty for you and that, even with great hobbies like Eurovision, you are being ousted or you ‘oust’ yourself for the sake of peace and tranquillity, you get this dreadful feeling inside your stomach. As a kid I would have normally broke out in tears. And I tell you, I was a very sensitive boy, hence I cried a lot. So many other people with similar interests to mine, both hobby-wise as well as sexually, know that bullying only facilitated those wet eyes more.  ■ By: Gert Waterink

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TEL AVIV 2019 ■ What results to expect in the Grand Final

At the moment of writing this piece, it’s april 4th 2019. In less than 6 weeks some 300 million viewers at home can watch another annual edition of the biggest light entertainment TV-show on planet Earth. It will be the 64th edition, but even before these three big broadcasting moments (two semi finals, one grand final) a lot of preparation is taking place. But obviously the readers at home mostly care for what matters most: the (rehearsing) artists, from 41 participating nations to be precise.By: Gert Waterink

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KIEV 2017 ■ Voorspellingen 1e & 2e Halve Finale

Het hele Eurovisie-circus is voorbij voor je er erg in hebt. Wellicht is dat ook leeftijd-gebonden. Maar we beginnen alweer aan de 2e songfestivalweek en nu wordt het D-Day. Alle eerste en tweede repetities zijn afgerond en wat nog rest zijn de generale repetities, de jury-werkzaamheden op maandag, woensdag en vrijdag en natuurlijk de eigenlijke Tv-uitzendingen. Tijd dus om de eerste post-repetitie-voorspellingen in cement te gieten. Is er veel veranderd ten opzichte van m’n pre-repetitie-lijstjes? Niet heel erg veel, maar toch voldoende om dit uit te schrijven. ■ Door: Gert Waterink

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GERT’S BLOG ■ Ieder land z’n regisseur

Nog een paar daagjes en dan gaan de repetities weer van start in het Eurovisie-dorp. Dit jaar is Kiev de gaststad en komende zondag gaan de eerste delegaties al aan de bak. De eerste set repetities, die van zondag 30 april t/m woensdag 3 mei afgewerkt worden, zijn besloten. Al geeft wel repetitie-video’s vrij. En natuurlijk staan de gokkers van Sofabet en Entertainmentodds weer paraat om zoveel mogelijk live footage te volgen en om hierover te twitteren.Door: Gert WaterinkLees verder